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Batik Assorted 30 Pack*

In stock

CLEARANCE ITEM - Limited stock
20 Square envelopes in each Pack
*PLUS an EXTRA 10 Batik envelopes in a random mix of colours and sizes.


Batik • Handmade Paper Envelopes - Assorted Pack
Beautiful swirls, gentle folds and colour overlays are the essence of what makes a batik hand-dyed and handmade cotton paper. Perfect for invitations and specialty cards, these Batik papers are also known as Tie Dye.


• Envelope size:  Mix of 150sq and 160sq
• Flap style:  Wallet
• Peel + Seal Tape on flap (No more licking!)
• Weight:  120gsm approx
• Colour:  2-sided
• Printer compatible ‡
• Wood Free, Lignin Free
• Handmade from 100% Recycled Cotton and Silk
• Eco-Friendly

‡ This paper, although not printer compatible has been printed with laser, wax and inkjet machines successfully by our customers. We suggest running the hand over both sides of the entire surface to test for smoothness first and not using envelopes where bumps or imperfections in the paper may jam your machine. Testing on your own machine is always recommended. However, if in doubt, do not print on this envelope, as PaperSource do not take any responsibility for damange to your printer and are only guided by information from customers who have had success printing on our Batik range of envelopes. 

Please note that all our handmade and hand-dyed papers are characterised by slight variations in colour, 
thickness and stiffness which is a characteristic of handmade paper’s natural beauty. This may occur
between sheets, with new stock deliveries and new dyelots and is not a fault in the paper or returnable for this reason.
Reproduction of patterns is subject to copyright laws. 
Custom Made by PaperSource
Batik (P120) • Black / Orange
Batik (P120) • Red
Batik (P120) • Royal Blue
Batik (P120) • Aqua Blue
Batik (P120) • Pink / Gold
Batik (P120) • Navy / Silver