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Crafty Bitz • Plaques (Mill*)

In stock

Crafty Bitz • Plaques • Mill* Assorted
This pack contains our 2 Bracket plaque styles in a mix of pearlescent and matte finish card, perfect for bomboniere, invitations, scrapbooking, card making, collage and general craft. Use as a base for layering bling or bows, stamp or attach a sentiment, add slits and feed your ribbon through, wrap around tea light jars, create napkin rings, or use as a decorative tag on gifts to name just a few fun ways to use these. Great for weddings, communions, special occasions, cardmaking, scrapbooking and general craft.

• Each pack contains a random mix of the 2 shapes in both Matte and Pearlescent Card
• White, Ivory and Pearl colours
• 20 pieces in each pack (10 of each size)
• Size "A" 62 x 66mm (approx)
• Size "B" 55 x 67mm (approx)
* "Mill" refers to paper/card which is not handmade 

Why not machine our specialty papers in your cardmaking? 
Stitching on paper will not hurt your sewing machine and you get "acid free" adhesion and a great textural element to boot!  The neatness or wonkiness of your stitching can add great personality to your cards and scrapbook pages. Just take a few simple precautions and you will soon be having fun layering these pretty papers.
1. Lengthen your stitch length: Stitching too close together or too densely will cause paper to perforate.
2. Reserve paper needles in a special place: Paper-stitching can easily blunt a needle, making it unsuitable to use on fabric.
3. Stabilizers are not just for fabric: When stitching on more delicate paper, a layer of lightweight stabilizer can be added to provide more substance for the stitch to "bite" into, without causing tearing.

Please note that all our handmade and hand-dyed papers are characterised by slight variation in colour, thickness and stiffness which is a characteristic of handmade paper's natural beauty. This may occur between sheets, with new stock deliveries and new dyelots and is not a fault in the paper or returnable for this reason. Reproduction of patterns is subject to copyright laws.

Ivory / Cream / Pearl / Quartz