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Colourific A5 Pack • Blue #1
30+ sheets AMAZING VALUE

May also be available in A4 sheets and
gift wrap sized sheets

In stock

Colourific Pack • Blue #1

This Colourific Blue Pack #1 contains 30+ handmade paper sheets. This is a mix of styles from all of our range including embossed, foiled, precious metals, flocked, glitterati, chiffons, batik, silk and cotton papers. Each pack has a fantastic mix of blue themed papers in a range of shades, patterns and textures giving you the ultimate mix for your project! 
Perfect for card making, scrapbooking, collage, general craft and hobbyists looking for variety within a theme in one pack. A great Cardmaker's Starter Kit and popular for Gift giving, Craft projects, Scrapbooking, Altered Art and Journaling. A great gift for any occasion.

 30+ different sheets in each pack
 Each Colourific pack has a core range of approximately 15 papers in each pack, whilst the extra 15+ sheets (many shown in photo) may vary
(Should we no longer stock a paper within the core range, we will replace it with something similar)
 Size:  A5 - 210mm x 145mm approx
 Paper thickness 120-150gsm (will vary between colours and dyelots)

IDEA: Take a sheet of the decorative paper and place it over the front of some heavy / thick card, than flip it over and tape down the edges to hold it in place. This "Wrap" makes a decorative raised platform for your card front and will give it some great dimension.  You can also use this as a layer to attach to the cover of a journal, guest book or even invitations.

"A5" • (150 x 210mm approx)
Custom Made by PaperSource