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Buckle Diamante Oval
Small - Ribbon Slider

In stock

Minimum quantity for "Buckle Diamante Oval
Small - Ribbon Slider" is 2.

Diamante Buckle Back Cluster • Oval Small, Budget Style • Silver
Stunning, crystal clear diamantes in an oval shap
e, surround a large central Faux Pearl for extra sparkle on your invitation or crafty project.
Buckle Back Clusters have 2 bars on the back to thread your ribbon or paper.
These buckles are a little different to the Deluxe range as the diamantes have been glued in place, and are not held in with "claws".

• Size:  13 x 14 x ?mm
• Suits 6mm Ribbon
• Metal body
18 Premium A-grade Diamantes for maximum sparkle

Diamante Buckles are also known as Diamante Ribbon Sliders or Rhinestone Buckles.
Image not to scale. Item measured W x H x D.

Metal - Silver